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Managing your message: what do your exam results say about your school?

Posted by Jon Overton on 14/08/15 12:01

High national A Level standards are once again maintained this year with a pass rate of 98.1% and 77.3% of students achieving the high A* to C grades. 

Results day, a universal constant, at some point everyone has or will experience the feeling of waiting for exam results. For this year’s A Level cohort the wait is now over.

The national pass rate for A Levels remains at the level achieved over the past 4 years. Maintaining a high pass rate is no mean feat; it hasn’t happened by accident. It is a culmination of schools and colleges working for the best of young people and, of course, the individual student achievements.

Grebot Donnelly is proud to be working with schools in publicising their Key Stage 5 exam successes. These schools are striving to improve the outcomes for young people up and down the country and on this day of results our congratulations go out to them all.


When publishing your results have you considered the following;

  • Does your local community know about your school’s A Level successes yet? 
  • How are you maximising social media channels to get this message across? 
  • Have you thought about how this will translate during the all-important open event season?
  • If your results did not match expectations, how will this message be managed and communicated to your range of stakeholders? 
  • How will your school be addressing the dip?


We know that exam results are top on prospective parents’ priority lists when they select a school for their child so it’s important your marketing effectively communicates your school’s results. Good or bad. Feel free to contact our team of experts to see if we can support your marketing activity and exam results communications strategies.