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Once upon a time...

Posted by Aimee Monteith on 07/12/21 12:18

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If you’re a movie buff some of you may go straight to the legendary Sergio Leone’s Once upon a time in America and Once upon a time in the West, or even Quentin Tarantino’s Once upon a Time in Hollywood!

From a very young age our imagination is sparked as we learn about the power of words and visual images through books, poetry, songs and storytelling.

Our early introduction into the world of ideas, places, animals and mystical creatures are laid before us and we learn about life, different worlds, countries and traditions, as well as exploring outer space and the future.

As our communication skills start to form and our curiosity and imagination are ignited, we learn valuable life lessons that take us into our formal education journey and adulthood. Research tells us that there are many types of learning styles including visual, kinaesthetic, aural, social, solitary, verbal and logical. Debates on how students learn best continue unabated but what we do know is that storytelling has aspects that works for at least three of these types.

What we do learn in life is that telling stories provides the opportunity for us to connect and engage with people at all levels; motivating, influencing and inspiring. So storytelling is used in everything from the world of literacy to business, film-making, advertising and marketing.

In our opinion, the biggest benefits of storytelling in marketing schools and colleges include:

  • Standing out from the competition: understanding what makes your ‘offer’ different from others and ensuring this is communicated across all marketing channels.
  • Understanding your target audience: using research and data to know how to reach your wide-ranging audiences from current and prospective pupils and families to teaching and support staff, and beyond.
  • Engaging with your different stakeholders: mapping and identifying gaps in your communications and channels whilst supporting with the longer term engagement process.
  • Enhancing your brand personality: identifying the emotional drivers that appeal to your current and prospective stakeholders by truly grabbing their attention and passion through your vision and pupil experience.
  • Building brand engagement and loyalty: highlighting stories from pupils, parents, staff and the community that reaches out to your audience via social media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc; your own shop window – your website; advertising; press coverage; good old fashioned networking – coffee mornings, community events, business breakfasts – the options are vast.

So in terms of storytelling and what we call the ‘Power of the prose’ and ‘Imaginative imagery’, how can you bring your school or college to life?

Like these legendary film makers – Leone and his juxtaposing extreme close ups with lengthy long shots, and Tarantino and his white knuckle ride and suspense scenes – we encourage you to find your style and create your story.

Our complimentary and complementary offering to support your new approach to marketing includes:

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