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What’s in your creative toolbox?

Posted by Aimee Monteith on 29/06/21 17:00

Don’t we all love a toolbox - whether it’s for stationery, mechanical, DIY, crafts…….? But what about a creative toolbox?

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Topics: Branding & Creative, Vision, Communications, Reputation Management, Profile Raising

How well dressed is your school?

Posted by Aimee Monteith on 28/01/21 09:30

We know that making your environment appealing, whether at home or work, generates a sense of wellbeing and purpose. We have never been more aware of our surroundings than during this global pandemic particularly as we are all spending so much more time at home.

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Topics: Branding & Creative, Signage, How To Academy

Are you telling a compelling story?

Posted by Aimee Monteith on 03/12/20 10:17

The term ‘marketing’ in the education sector is no longer a swear word and is now a discipline that schools and colleges are interpreting and using to maximum effect. We believe there’s another term that is so commonly misunderstood but which schools and colleges should be embracing and capitalising on – Brand. 

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Topics: Branding & Creative, Vision, Reputation, Reputation Management

Reputations - Lessons learned from stakeholders

Posted by Aimee Monteith on 03/04/19 15:34

In our experience, schools are generally good at communicating with their internal stakeholders however, some lack an awareness when it comes to key external audiences - be aware that with the pace of change that is happening in society - there is now a need for change and for schools to be extrospective and to embrace how this can support their brand enhancement and reputation management.

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Topics: Branding & Creative, Marketing Consultancy, Reputation

Is your school photography the best it can be?

Posted by Kim Bowyer on 17/05/18 12:32

Schools have to promote themselves with strong, professional websites, exciting newsletters and engaging social media posts.  In order to really bring these marketing materials to life and stand out from the crowd of the competition, it is crucial to have a wide range of high quality photographs which showcase the school’s unique curriculum and enrichment offer, fantastic facilities, vision and what parents can expect their child to experience there, as well as prospective staff.

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Topics: Branding & Creative